The Pros/Cons of Musim Hujan (Rainy Season)

Selamat siang everybody!

So as you might already know, we are smack in the middle of the rainy season here in Indonesia. The rainy season usually lasts for 7 months, between November and May. Back in November, it only rained in the afternoon, but now it typically rains at least 3-5 times a day. I’m not talking about little sprinkles here or there, either. I’m talking buckets, cats & dogs, monsoon-style; rain the likes of which I have never experienced before. Sometimes it feels as if we are living directly under a ginormous waterfall. So, in honor of musim hujan, I have complied a short list of things we have experienced thus far during rainy season. Enjoy!

– KT

  • Pro: The sweet melody of rain on a tin roof
  • Con: The roof leaks, leaving a forgotten pool of water on the floor to slip and fall on later
  • Pro: A sweat-free walk to your neighbor’s house
  • Con: You forgot your umbrella
  • Pro: Rain lulling you to sleep at night
  • Con: Rain waking you up at 4 in the morning
  • Pro: More frequent mati lampu (blackouts) –> your computer battery dies –> you don’t have to work –> Hurray!
  • Con: More frequent mati lampu –> your computer battery dies –> you can’t watch movies either –> Wahhh wahhh.
  • Pro: Water a plenty for bathing/washing clothes
  • Con: Watch out for the tiny leeches!
  • Pro: No sun = significantly cooler weather
  • Con: No sun = mold on your underwear
  • Pro: You can finally put all that deet you brought to good use!
  • Con: You will probably still get Dengue fever
  • Pro: The forest becomes a magnificent, verdant eden that you can’t wait to go explore (after the morning rain, of course)
  • Con: The pythons agree with you
  • Pro: When the sun finally peeks out, you revel in the beauty of mother earth’s glorious creation and thank your lucky stars that you waited 3 weeks to do laundry
  • Con: You complain about the heat, and so does everyone else…for a week after the sun is gone
  • Pro: But at least your laundry is dry
  • Pro: More free time for data entry
  • Con: More free time for data entry

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